ZEC Abrasive Discs

  • Original ZEC Made in Italy - BEWARE OF IMITATIONS
  • Heavy duty semi-flexible plastic disc reduces operator fatigue by absorbing the grinder's vibrations 
  • Extremely aggressive 
  • Very high grinding speed
  • No back up pad required
  • Discs are waterproof & can even be used underwater
  • Available in Aluminum Oxide & Silicon Carbide

Aluminum Oxide Grits Available: 16x, 24x, 36x

  • Fast weld removal on ship walls & decks and in any situation where removing welds on a flat surface is required 
  • Great for removal of rust, corrosive deposits, mill scale & deposits of old adherent paints
  • Ideal for structural steel fabrication, pipe beveling, stainless steel fabrication, power plant installations, ship & boat yards, propeller cleaning, iron & bronze foundries, titanium & inconel grinding & shipbuilding 

Silicon Carbide Grits Available: 16x, 24x, 36x, 60x, 80x, 120x

  • Ideal for marble, granite & all concrete surfaces 
  • Fast & easy removal of epoxy, urethane, rubberized coatings, mastic, adhesives, sealers & light rust from all types of surfaces
  • Great for heavy rust removal from steel surfaces & barnacles from the hull of boats
 Size Max RPM Box Qty Price
4-1/2" x 7/8" 13,300 5 $7.95
7" x 7/8" 8,500 5 $9.95

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